PuntRoad Entertainment is an Entertainment Production Company.

The CEO of PuntRoad is Mr Paul Upchurch.

PuntRoad Entertainment is based in Australia and its productions will almost certainly always be filmed there.

PuntRoad's main aim is to create high end affordable product in all of its areas of expertise. The low budget genre feature films will be specifically designed to have the maximum financial impact possible. (Low budget genre films are, for instance: Action/martial arts, Sci Fi and Horror films with budgets anywhere from $2Mil to $10Mil. Basically any type of film that has a very specific, avid, and sometimes fanatical, audience).

PuntRoad intends to produce these films consecutively and continually. This method of production will create work for many practitioners within the film industry in this country as well as the possibility for consistent and lucrative returns for the producers and the investors.

PuntRoad is always working on innovative and entertaining television product. It has several of these ready to be presented to broadcasters and always has other TV productions in various stages of development.

We are committed to our training films being of a very high standard in terms of production with a great pool of directorial, acting and production team talent at our disposal.

The Web-Based commercials are an affordable and incredibly successful and cutting edge vehicle for advertising ones product.

PuntRoad Entertainment has a fantastically multi-talented team ready and available to create the best possible commercial for any business's product.


Entertainment Production Company

Specialising in Feature Film, Television, Training Films, web-based commercials and other web-based products.

Paul Upchurch

Chief Executive Officer

Paul is a graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts and has worked as an actor, director and producer since he graduated in 1986. In 2000 Paul co-wrote, co-executive produced and co-starred in the feature film Nigel and he also co-wrote and co-starred in his own sketch-based comedy television pilot That’s Huge, commissioned and made by Crawford Productions in 1999. Paul also produced the major musical Fiddler on the Roof starring Topol at the Regent Theatre in Melbourne.

Paul's vision for PuntRoad Entertainment is for it to be creating many high quality and highly successful projects in feature film, television, commercials and/or Internet based production for many years to come.


PuntRoad Corporate

PuntRoad Corporate is all about creating exciting, entertaining, innovative and informative product for the corporate world.

We create top end, high quality Web-based commercials that will help to boost any business. We can create the commercial, shoot the commercial, edit the commercial and deliver the commercial in a professional, prompt, uncomplicated and affordable manner. We also have a feature film director, Kate Whitbread, available for the shoots. (See links below). Commercials range from 30sec  to 90sec.

We also create a filmic Web-Banner for your Website. What better way to advertise your business than with an example, a taste, of your business and/or services captured in a wonderfully filmic representation at the head of your Webpage?! (PuntRoads own Web-Banner will be online presently). Don't hesitate to contact us to enquire about a concept that will suit you.

We also produce high quality training films that are informative, as they must be, but also highly entertaining as well. We have a talented pool of crew, acting and writing talent to avail ourselves of in regards to any relevant production. So, again, do not hesitate to enquire as to a training film production vehicle that would be just right for your business and staff.

The Script

Nothing works better in film than a good story. After all, the entire business is about story-telling, and it doesn’t take a bucket load of money to create a good script. All it takes is a good idea and a good writer. (Paul strongly believes that the discovery of new talent is a sure fire path to creative and financial success. Sadly he can’t claim that philosophy for his own as it comes straight from Richard Branson who has utilized it to great affect.)

The Crew

Australia has a history of developing and providing incredibly talented and hard working crew for both here and overseas. There is never a shortage of good quality crew to work with in this country.

The Cast

Again, talent isn’t confined to, or defined by how much you’re prepared to pay. There is an enormous warehouse of acting talent out there that spends the majority of the time out of work. This is mostly due to the fact that the industry, rather conservatively, predominantly uses the same people over and over again. Paul Upchurch has been in the industry for over thirty years as an actor, acting teacher, writer, producer and director. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience and has a very keen eye for talent.

Post Production
& Special Effects

Again, this country has a happy knack of producing extremely talented and creative practitioners in both these areas as well. And, again, they work extensively both here and overseas.

Film Production Values

The production values are as follows:

In line with its philosophy of maximizing production values and financial returns PuntRoad Entertainment has also developed strategic and creative alliances with:



Troubled Waters is a fast-paced tale of action, intrigue and adventure in which evil and terror are undone by the cunning, smarts and courage of a truly unique hero.We meet our hero and his nemesis in an opening scene of high tension. The notoriously brutal terrorist leader Danillo Franco and a team of his henchmen has taken several hostages in an embassy, placing unreasonable demands on authorities trying desperately to negotiate a peaceful resolution. The situation is primed to explode - literally - with two hostages already executed and the building rigged with explosives set to blow. Enter Sammy De La Santos - a remarkably skilled counter-terrorist operative who uses a combination of disguise, deception, misdirection, technology and martial arts skills to overpower the terrorists and rescue the hostages. The operation would have been an outstanding success but for one factor - Franco himself has eluded capture and escaped.Sammy is not just a military trained operative. He is part illusionist, mentalist and magician as well. He, along with retired army officer Brian Peters, makes up a top secret covert unit attached to Interpol that is sent in to volatile situations when negotiation is no longer an option. Their purpose is to keep the world safe from terror and Franco is their prime target. Failing to capture him is a bitter blow, but they don’t have long to wait before another opportunity arises.

Franco pulls off an audacious kidnap plot, taking hostage four prominent world figures who had been indulging in a highly secretive rendezvous aboard a floating brothel. After a violent and bloody takeover of the boat, the four men and one of the escorts are taken to a secluded island where Franco is sure they will not be tracked down.

Given the scandalous nature of the dignitaries activities when they were abducted, Brian ansd Sammy are quickly called into action, world authorities desperate to not only save the men but to also keep their behaviour from the public. Franco demands a huge ransom and sets a very tight deadline before he starts executing the hostages. Time is of the essence but, given the technology that had been used to hide the brothel boat’s whereabouts, nobody knows where the hostages are being held. It seems the authorities will have to yield to the demands but Brian and Sammy are determined to track Franco down.

As negotiations falter an unlikely player joins the fray; President Sudali, a globally despised dictator whose country has been ostracised by the rest of the world offers to pay the huge ransom himself and secure the hostages freedom. It is instantly seen as a ploy for the dictator to be welcomed back into the world economy and, with pressure mounting, the authorities agree to allow him to negotiate with Franco in order to buy time.

Meanwhile, Brian and Sam have been working frantically to try to locate the hostages so they can launch a rescue mission. With little to go on they use facial recognition technology to determine the identity of the escort Franco has taken with the dignitaries, though they are mystified as to why she alone was spared from among the young women on the boat. Identifying her as Rosalinda Sammy now embarks on a journey to track down her clients to narrow down her whereabouts. Flying overseas, he uses his deception and misdirection skills to obtain information from two key figures, encountering violent resistance the whole way. But his fighting prowess allows him to overcome a number of adversaries and he obtains crucial information that he and Brian are able to use to locate Franco and the hostages.

With time rapidly running out, Sammy makes his way to the island. Franco’s negotiations with Sudali have made Brian suspicious and he fears the hostages will be slaughtered regardless of whether the ransom is paid or not. Stealing into the terrorists’ camp, these fears are confirmed by Sammy who discovers the hostages’ confines are rigged with explosives set on a timer. With no time to lose Sammy springs into action and a ferocious battle with the terrorists ensues. The battle is bitter and bloody and at times it seems Sammy will be overpowered. Finally, however, he eliminates all but Franco and gets the hostages safely away from the hut that is set to be blown up. In one final one on one confrontation, Sammy and Franco end up in vicious hand-to-hand combat which takes them into the hut. With barely seconds remaining Sammy gains the upper hand and dives to safety just as the hut explodes. Franco, still in the hut when it blows, is killed, virtually therefore by his own hand.

As Sammy readies to evacuate the hostages Franco’s phone rings. Sammy disguises his voice as Franco and answers, becoming privy to information that makes President Sudali’s involvement make sense. It also reveals that Rosalinda was spared in order to be sent to the dictator as a prize, having once been a client on the brothel boat himself and becoming enamoured of her.

As our story concludes, Sudali, who has been kept in the dark about the true outcome of the crisis, is awaiting Franco to deliver Rosalinda to him at his palace. He is delighted as they arrive, Rosalinda led in by “Franco” bearing celebratory champagne which the dictator happily drinks. It is now that Sammy removes his disguise and reveals that the hostages are all safe and well. Sudali is outraged and shapes to call his bodyguards. Clutching his chest, however, he slumps in his chair. Sammy has laced the drink with a drug that will kill Sudali and leave it looking like a heart attack, an obvious assassination being a probable trigger for revenge attacks.

We go out on the image of Sammy and Rosalinda striding away as Sudali dies: mission accomplished.


A young local cop discovers he has the ability to save lives, a gift with terrible consequences. He uncovers a curse, cast on his family by a demon that still haunts them. With the help of a local priest and the ultimate sacrifice by his estranged father, Luke Whelan tragically uncovers a cure fraught with danger and possibly more death.

 He can take back a life lost by taking the life of another………..by becoming a murderer.

 The ultimate challenge, the ultimate temptation; to decide who lives and who dies, the power to play God.  Luke embarks on a terrifying mission to exorcise himself from the hands of the demon and fight an urge to use a power he knows could turn him into a killer.

But how does a small town cop decide the worth of one life over another? And will he be able to resist when his family are dying before his eyes, at least long enough to destroy the curse?

In the frightening, suspenseful and dramatic conclusion of the film Luke is able, after a death defying struggle, to destroy the demon and, hopefully, ridding the world of the “The Curse”!


PuntRoad Entertainment has writers working on a fantastic script for a TV mini series. The story, based on true events from the 1970’s, is an incredibly exciting project which, at this moment in time, must remain in complete secrecy. Some details will be revealed as the project moves closer to being ready for production.

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